Sunday, 8 November 2015

Friday's Classwork!

Assalamu Alaikum,

Reading: Students maintained stamina for 30 minutes while reading to self. I worked with students on the DRA.

Math: During Math time, students showed what they know about numbers in their math journals. They answered questions about their favourite number and how many ways they can represent the number 25 (which is the total number of students in our class).

Science/ Art:We integrated the physical characteristics of insects in Art class! Students made thumb print bugs in a mason jar using paints and black sharpie markers. They used black construction paper as a background for night time,since many creepy creatures come out at night...!

  • Students have a spelling quiz on Monday on the list words (LONG VOWEL I)
wide, mile, line, hide, fire, nice, fine, mind, find, behind
  • Homework pack #5 is due next Thursday.
  • Scholastic book order flyers were sent home on Friday.

Have a great evening!