Thursday, 26 November 2015

Class Updates and Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a great day today and yesterday Alhamdulillah.

Read Aloud:  We integrated our learning about reptiles into language by reading two nonfiction books about Turtles. We got to know many amazing facts about Green sea turtles and also learned rich verbs during reading.


Writing We showed our knowledge of Green sea Turtles by writing about them! We made a chart to list all of the valuable verbs we learned from the books, plus a few that we made up on our own! The students then used these to write sentences about turtles. After writing their sentences, students highlighted their verbs. Afterwards, they chose their 6 favourite verbs from their writing to write on their turtle's shell. They did a wonderful job MashaAllah!

Math: We are practicing reading bar graphs using a variety of worksheets. Today we learned the parts of a graph using an acronym called "TAILS" which stands for: title, axis, intervals, labels, and scale.


Reading: Yesterday, Sr. Madlien read us ONE SMART COOKIE! Students learned great vocabulary, and we answered questions about the vocabulary words as a class.


Insha Allah we will be playing vocabulary games, completing vocabulary worksheets, and using the words in our writing classes. Please use these words at home with your child. You can choose one or two words per day, and use them when speaking to your child. (e.g. Masha'Allah you got a point for being prepared today!, I think you should do your homework today, and stop procrastinating.)

The vocabulary words are:

1. Prompt

2. Organized / Unorganized

3. Prepared / Unprepared

4. Compromise

5. Empathy

6. Kindness

7. Listening

8. Contribute

9. Procrastinate

10. Diligent

11. Persevere

12. Arrogant / Humble

13. Ponder

14. Daydream

15. Creative

16. Dishonesty

17. Integrity

18. Curious

19. Inspire

Islamic Studies: We learned what a "Shining Treasure" is. Students learned that the Quran and Hadeeth are shining treasures for Muslims and that we should follow the teachings of these two treasures to be a good human and good muslim.

Social Studies: Yesterday, students started to work on a cooperative learning activity called ' Jigsaw" where they were placed into home groups. Each home group compiled the information about their continent into one sheet. 

  • Students have a spelling quiz on lesson 11 on Monday (long vowel sound e):feed, sea, meet, real, keep, week, deep, easy, beach, clean.
  • Students should also learn the spellings of eleventh, twelfth, ThirteenthFourteenth, and Fifteenth for Monday's spelling quiz.
  • Homework pack is due next Thursday.
  • Fundraising Dinner is this Saturday. Looking forward to seeing you all in shaa Allah!

Have a great evening!